luis_biografiaLuishock is a rising star in the electronic landscape. He is a fanatic, that as a child was enthralled with his father’s vinyls: The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Joy Division, New Order, Supertramp … these sounds, among others have determined his musical condition. In the space of just 3 years he has hit the clubs and the radio waves with equal and devastating force.
Luis is also a promoter and resident at Post Club in Madrid, one of the most successful nights in the Spanish capital. This has evolved to its logical conclusion in Luis cultivating his own distinct and recognizable sound.
His sets bring together myriad styles that combine his passion for all things electronic. Influenced by different artistic disciplines, which, allied with the music, situate Luis’s sets at a perfect mid-point between bass music, dubstep, IDM, techno, and darker and more cerebral electronic…
As a producer, his primary concern is to have fun!. Producing is a hobby that is yet to fully blossom, but will come in time.
This has led him to create a platform of sound in Post Club, where different styles converge in order to enrich your quest to achieve your own eclectic and original sound, always maintaining the element of fun… so, let’s hit the dancefloor and have a good time!